Smashthestack Blowfish Level 01

In this level when we are asked to telnet to on port 6666.
When doing that we get:

san@bart:~$ nc 6666


 Crack this passwd with john the ripper
 and use the password to login with
 ssh -p 2222


We download and install john the ripper and after that we create a file like this:


We run john the ripper with that as input and it breaks it really quickly:

$ ./john smashthestack 
Loaded 1 password hash (FreeBSD MD5 [32/32])
welcome          (smashthestack1)
guesses: 1  time: 0:00:00:00 100.00% (2) (ETA: Thu Jan 28 18:27:26 2010)  c/s: 3764  trying: welcome

We have the password for the second level: welcome

You can find the second level tutorial here.

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