Welcome to San_SS! webpage

Who am I

I'm a senior Computer Science bachelor student at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, in Argentina.

My two main fields of expertise are:

  • IT Security
  • Algorithmics

What do I do

Apart from studying I work as a teacher assistant in the Algorithms and Data Structures chair at then UNLP.

I am part of the CERT of the University where I do research and deal with the security issues of the whole institution.

I also develop as a freelancer, in C, C++ and Python. Currently I'm involved in two projects, the libtins project which is a C++ library to craft and sniff network packets.
And the Rabbit Vulnerability Scanner a web auditing framework written in python.


Well, regarding my work and studies I like programming all kinds of things but specially low-level software in C/C++.

I also enjoy my job and creating the tools I need to overcome most problems I'm faced in it.

In my personal life I like going out, listening to music and enjoying a good scotch whisky in the late evenings.

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